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Waseem-ud-Din MumtazUrgent CasesW.P.NO.9601-2021Mr. Justice. Tariq Saleem Sheikh.Muhammad Sajid vs SHO24 Jun 2021 NormalDisposed of.
Waseem-ud-Din MumtazUrgent CasesW.P.NO.9596-2021Mr. Justice. Tariq Saleem Sheikh.Muhammad Kamran vs JOP24 Jun 202128 Jun 2021NormalAdjourned,
Waseem-ud-Din MumtazUrgent CasesW.P.NO.9576-2021Mr. Justice. Tariq Saleem Sheikh.Fida Hussain vs SHO24 Jun 202129 Jun 2021NormalAdjourned.
Waseem-ud-Din MumtazUrgent CasesW.P.NO.9562-2021Mr. Justice. Tariq Saleem Sheikh.Muhammad Javed vs JOP24 Jun 2021 NormalWithdrawn.
Waseem-ud-Din MumtazSupplementary CasesW.P.NO.18344-2019Mr. Justice. Tariq Saleem Sheikh.Ghulam Siddique vs ASJ24 Jun 202127 Sep 2021NormalOrder Recalled. Adjourned.
Waseem-ud-Din MumtazSupplementary CasesW.P.NO.14603-2014Mr. Justice. Tariq Saleem Sheikh.Muhammad Taufeeq vs IG 24 Jun 2021 NormalRelist with connected matter.
Waseem-ud-Din MumtazSupplementary CasesW.P.NO.9403-2021Mr. Justice. Tariq Saleem Sheikh.Muhammad Sheharyar vs ASJ24 Jun 202121 Sep 2021NormalNotice.
Waseem-ud-Din MumtazSupplementary CasesW.P.NO.9174-2021Mr. Justice. Tariq Saleem Sheikh.Mst. Kishwar Sultana vs DPO24 Jun 2021 NormalDismissed.
Waseem-ud-Din MumtazRegular CasesW.P.NO.5371-2007Mr. Justice. Tariq Saleem Sheikh.Laiaqat Ali vs Drug Court24 Jun 2021 NormalRelist all connected matter.
Waseem-ud-Din MumtazRegular CasesW.P.NO.8939-2021Mr. Justice. Tariq Saleem Sheikh.Muhammad Anwaar vs ASJ24 Jun 202116 Sep 2021NormalAdjourned.
Waseem-ud-Din MumtazRegular CasesW.P.NO.14973-2020Mr. Justice. Tariq Saleem Sheikh.Haji Muhammad Anwar vs ASJ24 Jun 202128 Jun 2021NormalAdjourned.
Waseem-ud-Din MumtazRegular CasesW.P.NO.19271-2018Mr. Justice. Tariq Saleem Sheikh.Muhammad Dilwar vs JOP24 Jun 202128 Jun 2021NormalAdjourned.
Waseem-ud-Din MumtazRegular CasesW.P.NO.7730-2018Mr. Justice. Tariq Saleem Sheikh.Dr. Sadoon Abid vs ASJ24 Jun 2021 NormalDNP.
Waseem-ud-Din MumtazRegular CasesW.P.NO.9159-2021Mr. Justice. Tariq Saleem Sheikh.Shahid Iqbl vs SHO24 Jun 202129 Jun 2021NormalAdjourned.
Waseem-ud-Din MumtazRegular CasesW.P.NO.9129-2021Mr. Justice. Tariq Saleem Sheikh.Gulshan Bibi vs SHO24 Jun 2021 NormalWithdrawn.
Waseem-ud-Din MumtazRegular CasesW.P.NO.2373-2021Mr. Justice. Tariq Saleem Sheikh.Atta Muhammad vs State24 Jun 202101 Jul 2021NormalCall for report.
Waseem-ud-Din MumtazRegular CasesCO No. 699-W-2021Mr. Justice. Tariq Saleem Sheikh.Faiz Qadir vs Muhammad Iqbal Buzdar24 Jun 2021 NormalDisposed of.
Waseem-ud-Din MumtazRegular CasesCO No. 701-W-2021Mr. Justice. Tariq Saleem Sheikh.Mst.Nazia Mai vs Waseem Ahmed24 Jun 2021 NormalDisposed of.
Jam Abdul MalikRegular CasesWPNO.629-W-21MR. JUSTICE RAHEEL KAMRANM. RASHID VS BASHIR AHMAD 24 Jun 2021 NormalD/O
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